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A dog’s digestive system is designed to eat raw food

Feeding your dog raw food can be the best diet promoting both good bone and dental health. Our dog food contains bone which is a good source of calcium for your dog. Not only that, the fatty acids found in our dog food promotes healthy skin and coat. Treat your dog to the best food and buy with us today… they are certainly worth it.


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Premium Raw Dog Food Delivered Frozen to your Door!

High quality premium dog food providing a nutritional healthy diet for your dog. 

raw dog food
raw dog food

Nutrition Guide to Raw Dog Food

The commercial dog food market became popular in the 1930’s. For thousands of years dogs lived quite happily on a raw diet until humans decided to produce grain-based processed food in packaging for its convenience.

  • Raw food is cheaper to buy than a commercial dog food diet.
  • Your dog will delight in every meal. If you have a fussy dog or a dog who leaves their dinner then this will become a thing of the past.
  • A dog’s digestive system is designed to eat raw food.
  • Dogs produce significantly less faecal output (smaller poos) with a raw food diet because their digestive system digests and absorbs the food more efficiently.
  • Dogs on a raw food diet usually have good teeth, a healthier shiny coat and a healthier weight.
feed um raw

Taste it, love it, come back for more.

At The Dog Outlet, we believe your dog will love their raw dog food, thats why majority of our customers take out a subscription plan to ensure an on time delivery each month – a package filled full of your dogs favourites.