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General feeding guidelines

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Why Feed Raw

The commercial dog food market became popular in the 1930’s. For thousands of years dogs lived quite happily on a raw diet until humans decided to produce grain-based processed food in packaging for its convenience.

  • Raw food is cheaper to buy than a commercial dog food diet.
  • Your dog will delight in every meal. If you have a fussy dog or a dog who leaves their dinner then this will become a thing of the past.
  • A dog’s digestive system is designed to eat raw food.
  • Dogs produce significantly less faecal output (smaller poos) with a raw food diet because their digestive system digests and absorbs the food more efficiently.
  • Dogs on a raw food diet usually have good teeth, a healthier shiny coat and a healthier weight.
  • It is easier to control your dog’s weight; since you can weigh every meal and the quantity can be amended depending on your dog’s overall health.

How much to feed

For an adult dog feed 3-5% of body weight. For a puppy up to 12 weeks, feed 10% of body weight and then reduce by 1-1.5% every 4 weeks. 

Dogs’ activity levels vary greatly and no two dogs are the same so you need to adjust the amount you feed accordingly. Your dog should not be fat, it should have a waist and you should be able to feel its ribs under its coat.  

Dogs can be fed either once or twice a day and we suggest replacing one or two meals a week with raw bones

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When to feed

For healthy dogs a feeding schedule can be flexible but routine is key. Most dog owners opt for 2 / 3 feeds per day. As long as your dog is staying within their recommended calorie plan then feeding throught the day is fine.

Changing foods

If you are changing food, it’s a good idea to change it slowly. The ideal way is prepare a meal containing 80% of your dogs old food along with 20% of your dogs new food. The percentage of your dogs old food can be slowly decreased and the new food can be increased.

If your dog has health problems then it is very important to consult your vet regarding changing food.

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