Centenery sport 20kg

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• Versatile premium race mix
• 24 ingredients, 4 varieties of maize
• Use throughout the racing calendar
• Optimal balance of carbs, fats & proteins
• All essential nutrition for speed, power & endurance

Replenish feed daily to ensure freshness. Ensure fresh, clean water is always available for drinking and bathing.

Small Red Maize, Safflower, Popcorn Maize, White Dari, Sunflower Hearts, Red Maize, Paddy Rice, Red Dari, Wheat, Maples, White Peas, Roundberry Maize, Linseed, Black Rapeseed, Buckwheat, Mung Beans, Tares, Naked Oats, Toasted Soya Beans, Canary seed, White Millet, Small Sunflower, Wild Seed, Hemp.

Weight 20 g