Flaked Maize 5kg

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High quality maize that has been flaked then cooked to increase the digestibility. Its bright colour offers greta visual and is very attractive to Carp, Bream, Roach and Tench.

Once soaked in hot water it will turn soft and mushy which will create an attractive, sweet cloud in the water that helps pull fish to your swim.

CAUTION: All dry particles and nuts will absorb water and expand once submerged, for this reason they MUST all be prepared correctly (Soaked for a given time and cooked for a given time). Failure to prepare properly can be deadly to fish.

TO PREPARE: Soak in hot water for a minimum of 1 hour, no boiling required.

Note: Once cooked you can also add liquid foods, oils or bait additives of your choice to add even more attraction.

Weight 5000 g