Green Gloop



Green Gloop Cleaning Fluid was originally formulated as an ammonia neutralising liquid and germicide specifically for equine use. It is now used in dog kennels, runs, and yards as well as with many other animals and fowl where 100% cleanliness is essential. It exceeds the specification, and so has been certified to EN 14349:2012 as being a suitable disinfectant and germicide for veterinary use on non-porous surfaces.


Recommended usage

24 years experience with the product informs us that 1 cup/16 litres dilution of Green Gloop for non-porous rubber floors or 2 cups/16 litres for solid floors is sufficient, even though our product label stipulates 2 or 4 cups/16 litres.

We were required to double the recommended dilution rate following the introduction of EU Directive EN14349 for Veterinary surface disinfectants.

Weight 2100 g